Charlie’s 1st Birthday

Charlie’s 1st Birthday

Where has the time gone? Talk about the fastest year of our lives.  Here is a little glimpse to the fun festivities of Charleston’s first birthday.  She was surrounded by family and friends, and we are so grateful for all that came.

I want to give a special shout out to our friends Luke and Lindsay Mcbride who photographed and videotaped the event so we could be present and “camera free” for a change, Trista Miller for helping us with the flowers, and of course a big thanks to my right hand man Aaron for editing the video.

Love having super talented friends 🙂


Dustin & Corynn

Zach & Laura

Zach & Laura

Man oh man, where to begin.  I met Zach my freshman year of college at RIT in New York, just by chance he lived two rooms down from me in the dorms, and we were instant friends.  Zach is that friend that everyone always dreams of finding, he is selfless, he has the biggest heart, and there is nothing that Zach won’t try at least once.  I knew when my time was up at RIT that my friendship with Zach would still last the distance.  So I knew when I called on him to stand up with me at my own wedding he would be there without question.  And coincidentally a few weeks after our wedding Zach met a girl named Laura.

We had the awesome opportunity to photograph a wedding in Boston where we got to meet Laura for the first time and she was amazing! Corynn and Laura became fast friends by doing cartwheels across the park in downtown Boston. That following year we got to take an awesome vacation with these two amazing people, touring Harry Potter World and lounging on a cruise together are memories we will always cherish, and we can’t wait to take more trips together in the future.

A few months after our trip Zach calls me and tells me about his elaborate and creative plan to bring Laura’s love for elephants and his love for her together.  So I told him I must be there to document this question he is about to ask! So I flew into Rhode Island where the zoo was, I had spoke to the zoo manager about arranging an employee shirt for me wear, and I brought a hat and beard with the hopes that I could get close without laura knowing it was me. It was a success! Check out those photos (here)

Later that year Zach asked me to stand up with him on his wedding day and I told him there was no way I would miss it.  So even though we weren’t the official photographers, I couldn’t help but take some pictures.  I am not going to lie, it was certainly challenging being on the other side of the lens and not having the control that I am used to, but it was nice not having to fight for a meal and being able to drink and dance without being judged…well, I’m sure some judged my dance moves 😉

We wish you the very best Zach and Laura, you are lifetime friends for us! Now go make Charlie May some friends 🙂

Check out all the photos that I took from their wedding weekend (CLICK HERE)

-Dustin McKibben

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Fort Wayne Ash Brokerage

Fort Wayne Ash Brokerage

I was blessed with the opportunity to photograph the ribbon cutting of the new beautiful gem that  is the Ash Brokerage Tower for Fort Wayne Monthly Magazine last month.  I also got to meet both Tim Ash and Mayor Tom Henry! Check our sweet pics of the new building in Fort Wayne drool a little and then submit your applications, because let’s be honest we all want to work in a space that is so gorgeous.



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Indianapolis Stylized Fashion Shoot

Indianapolis Stylized Fashion Shoot

About two months ago I had the pleasure of teaming up with one of my good friends, Nathan, from the Siners Photography to do a stylized shoot in downtown Indy.  I must say it was a absolute blast to work alongside such talented individuals and just have fun whether we were standing in front of a steam pipe or jumping across the top of a indy skyscraper we were both making incredible images. Unfortunately these images took the back burner to all of our amazing wedding and commercial clients,  but I just couldnt let them sit any more, so I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  And if you would like to set up a styled session give Nate or I a call we’d be happy to help.

If you would like to see more of the images….


Thanks for Viewing!

2015-08-11_0001 2015-08-11_0008 2015-08-11_0007 2015-08-11_0006 2015-08-11_0005 2015-08-11_0004 2015-08-11_0003 2015-08-11_0002

Dustin and Corynn McKibben are photographers based in Fort Wayne and Indianapolis providing both commercial and wedding photography services to those all over Indiana.  We hope you enjoyed this stylized fashion photo shoot from downtown Indianapolis.  If you would like to schedule a Indianapolis or Fort Wayne photo session give us a call or check out our website

Our Wedding // Three Years of Wedding Bliss

Our Wedding // Three Years of Wedding Bliss


Man oh man where has the time gone! Three years ago today I made a promise to my best friend to take the trip of a lifetime hand in hand.  We have done some pretty incredible things in the last 3 year, met some truly amazing friends, and traveled all over this crazy globe, normally to take pictures. Im not going to tell you that it has been all rainbows and unicorns, marriage takes work. You don’t see the fights or the tears on facebook, but it is in those moments that truly make us grow both as people and as a couple. Many of you may or may not know but Corynn has been striving to finish her Doctoral Degree this year in Physical Therapy and is killing it.  She has such a healing soul that I know she will make an amazing Doctor in the future.  I could gush over how amazing my wife is, like how she is photographing 60 weddings this year with me while still being a rockstar at school, but i’m not.  Because if you have ever had the privilege of getting to know this crazy beautiful person I get to call a wife, you will know, it’s her inner beauty that really shines, it literally pours from her brilliant blue eyes. She is the most sincere, honest, and selfless person you or I will ever meet.

Today like every year on July 27th I take a stroll down memory lane.  So I wanted to share with you our wedding, our collection of memories, as well our amazing wedding video! So take a peek into our lives from 3 years ago. And big thanks to Tressa and Elijah for capturing our special day and putting up with me!

We are Dustin And Corynn Wedding Photography based in Fort Wayne Indiana, specializing in photography in both Fort Wayne and Indianapolis Indiana. We would love to be your choice photographer for your wedding and we hope you enjoyed looking through our wedding photos.