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Alexis & Matt // Culver Academy Engagement

Introducing Alexis and Matt! Alexis and Matt met at Purdue University in Lafayette during their college years and have since been taking on the world together. This young and spirited couple chose to have their engagement photos taken at Culver Academy, approximately...

Veldina & Ismir // Sylvan Lake Engagement Session

Meet Veldina and Ismir! Everything about this couple is extraordinary, starting with the location for their shoot. For their engagement photos, the happy couple wanted something unique so we settled on Rome City at Sylvan Lake. And being the extraordinary duo that...

Vanessa & Brent // Empyrean Wedding

Meet Vanessa and Brent! It was pure fate when these two met for the first time. Vanessa walked into the car dealership that Brent owns looking to buy a new car, and Brent's salesman charm convinced her to make a deal. She drove off with the car and Brent's number. We...

Emerald & Nick // Lake Engagement Session

Meet the beautiful and talented Emerald and Nick, future husband and wife duo! Emerald and Nick are getting married on Clear Lake at Nick’s family property this weekend! While their wedding won’t be up on the blog for a little while, their engagement photos are! For...

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