Meet Veldina and Ismir!

Everything about this couple is extraordinary, starting with the location for their shoot. For their engagement photos, the happy couple wanted something unique so we settled on Rome City at Sylvan Lake. And being the extraordinary duo that they are, Veldina spent a veritable ton of time handcrafting a floral wooden swing for the photos. What’s more, the two arrived early and embarked on a trek to find the ideal place to hang it. (They definitely chose the perfect spot!)

Dressed in bold colors and patterns, this couple knows how to style themselves for a shoot. Their look was flawless and the brilliant hues provided the perfect contrast to the backdrop of soft greenery. Veldina’s impeccable wardrobe included a black and white striped off the shoulder dress, a long bright-red print dress and a stunning blue-hued skirt with a black duster.¬†For his part, Ismir kept things classy, donning long sleeve button up shirts, an expertly tailored fitted suit and a vibrant floral tie.

As photographers, we occasionally have some wacky (awesome!) ideas for photographs and these two were up for anything. (We told you they are extraordinary!) Photos in front of brick buildings? Sure! An open field with a wooded backdrop? Why not?! Various points around Sylvan Lake? Let’s do it! And then there were those spellbinding photos taken with their custom swing…incredible.

And while the photos are beautiful, what was most touching to us was the obvious love between this couple. They are undoubtedly a perfect pairing headed toward a life of happiness.

We absolutely loved working with this fun-loving couple and we hope they enjoyed the experience as much as we did! We can’t wait for their Bosnian wedding and to experience all the fun traditions that go along with it. It’s sure to be…extraordinary!

You can view the entire album of their engagement photos here. Enjoy!

-Dustin & Corynn