Meet Amanda and Chris! We loved working with these two! Chris and Amanda go weeks apart without seeing each other as he works with trains for a living, traveling all over on trains for days at time. With his profession, you can imagine that Chris is a man’s man. He’s a rough and tumble kind of guy! So when it came time for their engagement photos, he was super sweet and decided to put extra effort into dressing up for his fiance! It was a big deal when he wore his dress shoes – ahh, the things love will make you do!

We met up with Amanda and Chris at Salomon Farms for their engagement session. We started on a long paved pathway where the sun peeked through the pine trees. These two wrapped up all cozy in a blanket too – It was super sweet. Then we moved down near the water of a creek at the farm for some photos along the water. We finished up with some photos up by the house: on the steps, on the front porch, and in front of the darling farm-styled home. We loved this session simply because of the happiness on Amanda and Chris’ faces. The fact that Chris put extra effort into his outfits and appearance for something so important to Amanda exemplifies how it’s the little moments of thoughtfulness that make a marriage (and us photographers) very happy! We have no doubt that these two are going to have an amazing wedding and even happier marriage. Can’t wait for your wedding this fall at Sylvan Cellars! See you guys soon.

-Dustin & Corynn

If you would like to view their full engagement session, click here (CLICK ME)!