Introducing Ashlee and Skiler!

This playful and loving couple spent the day with us at Pokagon State Park surrounded by nature and wildlife. It was clear to see what a natural, fun love these two shared for each other, and we used that to our advantage within our session.

Pokagon State Park’s lakes are beautiful, as is Ashlee and Skiler. They wore bright, lively colors that matched the scenery around them, however, the view couldn’t take away from the magic these two created. They made the landscape come alive, from the water’s edge to the wooded view. Every hug and laugh was genuine between them; they behaved as if they were the only two around for miles. Every photo was created by them. It is a photographer’s dream to capture beautiful people as they naturally are.

In the last bit of the photoshoot, we had some fun! Ashlee and Skiler are a hardworking couple, and they build off each other’s strengths. In these photos, you can clearly see the support and team building these two have created with each other. At one point, they were so in tuned, Ashlee becomes parallel to Skiler with just the use of their arms. Their trust is the base of their relationship, just as their physical strength is the foundation of their joint workouts.

Ashlee and Skiler’s wedding will be held at Fort Wayne’s newest venue, Union 12, which features an amazing barn reception hall with a modern twist to it. This hall is perfect for their fun personalities and to achieve wonderful Fall ambiance. We could not be more excited to shoot at this venue for the first time! Working with this couple at Pokagon State Park was so much fun, and I know their wedding this Fall is going to be even more magical!

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-Dustin & Corynn