Fort Wayne Engagement Photo Outfits

Fort Wayne Engagement Photo Outfits

As Fort Wayne wedding photographers some of our favorite shoots are engagement sessions, it’s a great way to break the ice before your big day. We love taking the time to get to know our couples as we document your love story in a more casual atmosphere. However, some of our couples need a little inspiration or direction on their Fort Wayne engagement photo outfits. Here are our top 5 favorite engagement looks to inspire you!

Pop Of Color

Who doesn’t love a little pop of color?! This is a beautiful way to embrace the season in your engagement photos, or even hint towards your wedding colors. Adding some color with an item of clothing and keeping the rest of the outfit neutral and bright will give your Fort Wayne engagement photo outfits the perfect balance. In addition, this look will never go out of style, giving you timeless pictures!

engaged couple in white tops and neutral bottoms pose outside of a church for their outdoor engagement photos in Fort Wayne

engaged couples embracing and kissing under blossoming trees

Fort Wayne engagement photos with woman and man sitting together and woman kissing the mans cheek as he smiles

Warm Neutrals

Neutrals are are becoming more and more popular. And for good reason! Neutral color palettes tend to always be in style and agree with every season. Opting for warm neutrals will bring depth to your outfits while complimenting your backdrops and location. You can add even more interest to your look with mixing textures and adding accessories, think hats, scarves, sweaters, etc.

summer engagement photos with man and woman standing together in a field at sunset captured by Fort Wayne wedding photographers

sun setting behind man and woman making the light shine between the two as they hold each others and and lean into each other

woman standing in front of man in a field as they hold hands and smile

Contrasting Dressy Casual

You can do so much with your Fort Wayne engagement photo outfits when you decide to go for a more dressy look. A simple button down and sun dress will give any session a more elevated feel. Then make those outfits contrast in color and you have yourself a really beautiful gallery. Adding interest to your engagement pictures may be just as simple as adding a bit of color or patterned pieces to your look!

Fort Wayne engagement session in a white blossom orchard with woman in a black dress with small white dots and the man in a light grey button down

man and woman embracing as the sun sets in the distance over the tree line as they stand on a stone balcony captured by fort wayne wedding photographers

Fort Wayne engagement photos with man and woman standing in a garden thogether as the sun set holding hands and looking at each other romantically

Layered Looks

There are so many options when it comes to layers! Dress it up or dress it down, either way you are going to look put together. This style is better for the cooler months, however with thinner layers you can definitely make it work for the summer. In addition, layers give you more variety in your gallery as you remove and add layers throughout your session.

Fort Wayne wedding photographers capture engaged couple in front of an art mural downtown

downtown Fort Wayne engagement photos with man and woman linking arms and walking towards the camera while looking at one another on top of a parking garage

woman leaning against a wall on the top of a parking garage as her fiance leans into her and holds his arm around her

Classic White Dress

Finally, one of our all time favorites, the classic white dress. Wearing a white sun dress to your Fort Wayne engagement photos just screams bridal! It is classic, timeless and elegant. And the best part is, it is so easy to coordinate with. Your fiancé can wear just about anything next to you and look great. Not to mention, there are so many casual white dresses out there, you are sure to find one you love!

man dipping his fiance backwards and kissing her at a luxury engagement shoot in Fort Wayne

engagement photos with man and womanin a white dress posing next to a bush of hydrangeas in Fort Wayne

Our top 5 favorite Fort Wayne engagement photo outfits tips are timeless, classy and perfect for any body type. They are looks that will look great on anyone and add variety to your gallery! Which style are you planning on wearing to your engagement pictures?

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Fort Wayne wedding photographers capture a couple in a garden for engagement outfits ideas

Spring Engagement Photos at Concordia Campus

Spring Engagement Photos at Concordia Campus

We love getting to know our couples as Fort Wayne wedding photographers. And what better way to get to know each other than to spend an hour together during your engagement session?! Hannah and Jared were such a blast to get to know as we captured their spring engagement photos in Concordia Seminary Campus. Everything from the weather and blossoms, to the outfits and lighting was perfect. We can’t wait to share more with you!
engagement photos with man and woman embracing under a blossoming tree in Fort Wayne

Hannah & Jared

Hannah and Jared are such an adorable couple. Their entire Fort Wayne engagement session was filled with giggles and smiles. We especially love getting to know their love story and all of the wedding details! This fall they are planning for a Fort Wayne wedding, so they are in the thick of planning. Making this engagement session a nice time to step away from the chaos of wedding planning and just cut loose!

Pro Tip: If you are wanting to use your spring engagement photos for your save the dates and wedding invitations, then having an engagement session at least 6 months prior is ideal. It will take time for your images to be edited, as well as for the invitations to be ordered. By having your pictures taken as soon as possible, it is more likely that you will be able to use them with invites.

Fort Wayne spring engagement photos with man holding woman as he stands behind her and holds her around her shoulders

spring engagement pictures with man standing behind woman while embracing her as she looks up at him and laughs

man and woman dancing on a bridge in Fort Wayne for their engagement session and man dips woman back

Spring Engagement Photos

Spring is such a great time for engagement photos! The newness of life and subtle warmth makes for a comfortable and beautiful session. Hannah and Jared especially loved the blossoms on the trees that lined the Concordia Seminary Campus. The delicate white and pink flowers gave their images a heavenly look, while adding variety to their gallery.

In addition to the beautiful spring weather and lovely campus, Hannah and Jared had great outfits picked for their spring engagement photos. The couple opted for an outfit change, and both looks were perfect for the location! Keeping the color palette neutral and simple, gave a minimalistic look while maintaining the focus of the images on Hannah and Jared. Their gallery is also cohesive even though they have variety in their outfits.

We are so excited for Hannah and Jared’s wedding this fall! And if you too are planning a Fort Wayne Wedding, reach out!

engaged couple holding hands as they walk through campus for their engagement session with Fort Wayne wedding photographer

man in white shirt holding hands with woman as they look at one another and smile

engaged couples embracing and kissing under blossoming trees

man and woman embracing as mans back is to a windowed wall reflecting their silhouettes

engagement portrait of man holding his fiance and whispering in her ear as she smiles

couples portrait with man standing behind woman with his arms around her shoulders

Spring Downtown Fort Wayne Engagement Session | Emily + Hayden

Spring Downtown Fort Wayne Engagement Session | Emily + Hayden

Spring is here, and we’re thrilled to be able to capture more incredible love, just like these two in downtown. These spring downtown Fort Wayne engagement session was such a blast, we got some visitors in this couple, they flew out just for their photos! Emily and Hayden are absolutely meant to be together, and bring out the best in one another. We just fell in love with them instantly!

Emily and Hayden flew out from the west coast to get their engagements taken, and it was such an honor. We love being able to work with couples like them, so laid back and genuinely good people. We were able to explore the fun that is downtown Fort Wayne, then went to the waterside, and lastly the bridge. Throughout their session it was important to show off the diversity of the city, and their fun-loving relationship.

First, we started their session downtown exploring the colorful murals found all throughout Fort Wayne. The artistic and colorful murals were a nice addition their spring downtown Fort Wayne engagement session. Emily and Hayden had a blast just being together, and were full of joy and laughter. We love, love! Later, we went to the waterside and one of our favorite bridges. It was fun to get some shots of them by the water since they are from the west coast.

After their spring downtown Fort Wayne engagement session, we went to the Landing Beer Company for some beers! Emily and Hayden are such a cool couple, and so fun to be around. They’re getting married later this summer, and we can’t wait. Congratulations to the happy couple!

same sex couple kissing in downtown fort wayne engagement sessioncouple leaning against window kissing during engagement sessionnewly engaged couple kissing in downtown fort wayneengaged couple holding hands and showing engagement ringscouple sitting on local bridge during fort wayne engagement sessionnewly engaged couple drinking beers after engagement sessioncouple drinking beers after spring downtown fort wayne engagement session

Planning your Fort Wayne engagement session? Check out more inspiration, here!

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Dreamy Beach Engagement Session | Cori + Chels

Dreamy Beach Engagement Session | Cori + Chels

Being Fort Wayne wedding photographers we don’t get to see much of the beach, so this session was an absolute dream. Throughout this beach engagement session, these two were so happy. Cori and Chels are some of the cutest people, and being able to work with them was a blast. Something about capturing love on a beach, doesn’t get much better than that! Between family time with Cori and Chels’ family, sunsets, and champagne, this session was incredible.

We decided to keep things as natural and unposed as possible to let the location and their love be the stars. Getting to wander around the beach, watch Cori and Chels walk through the water was an absolute photographer’s dream. Throughout the session we were able to keep these two laughing, and just enjoying the beautiful beach environment while celebrating their upcoming marriage. We got to pop some champagne and enjoy a beach sunset during this incredibly breathtaking beach engagement session. It was epic!

Although we are based in Fort Wayne and do majority of our shoots and weddings here, we are always down to travel! We love being able to work with couples wherever their love story takes them, so, when planning your big day, don’t hesitate to ask your team to travel! While our team consists of Corynn and myself, sometimes, you may see some of our other team members like our little girl at this shoot. Corynn and I love being able to take our kids to new spots and let them experience something new, while mom and dad get to do what we love!

same sex couple taking engagement pictures at the beachcouple embracing on the pier before beach engagement sessionnewly engaged couple kissing during outdoor engagement picturestwo women during engagement session wearing pink dress and blue romper at beach sessionnewly engaged couple on the beach during outdoor engagement sessionnewly engaged couple on beach during outdoor engagementscouple walking hand in hand down the beach during outdoor engagementsengaged couple walking down beach wearing dresses engaged couple kissing in the water during beach engagement sessioncouple standing in the water during beach engagements in floridacouple walking hand in hand during outdoor beach engagementsspring outdoor beach engagements with same sex couple wearing dressesyoung baby with mother taking pictures during beach engagementsclose up shots of beachy engagement sessionengaged couple embracing during outdoor engagement sessionnewly engaged couple popping champagne to celebrate their recent engagementcouple drinking champagne during beach engagementscouple sitting on beach embracing during engagement sessionnewly engaged couple sitting on beach during beach engagementssame sex engaged couple hugging during sunset portraitscouple sitting on sandy beach engagement sessioncouple riding jet ski on beachsunset beach engagement sessioncouple sitting on rocks during beachy engagement sessionsunset outdoor beach engagement session

Take a look at some more engagement sessions here for some inspiration for your session.

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Snowy Winter Fort Wayne Engagement // Sarah + Mitchell

Snowy Winter Fort Wayne Engagement // Sarah + Mitchell

Being Fort Wayne wedding photographers, we’ve had to learn to adapt to the weather changes throughout the year. Including snowy winters, which may intimidate some people – we love it! Throughout the winter season we love being able to showcase the beauty that can be found even in the coldest of temperatures. Sarah and Mitchell’s winter Fort Wayne Engagement session was a dream winter session. The snow played as the perfect setting for showcasing their love story.

Mitchell’s Family Farm – Winter Fort Wayne Engagement Session

When these two approached us about their engagement session we were so excited to be able to plan a winter session with them. Mitchell’s family owns a family farm, and we headed there for their snowy winter Fort Wayne engagement session. Throughout their session these two were filled with so much love and fun. Mitchell showed us some pretty perfect spots for their session and we even incorporated some of the farm’s architecture as a way to honor the family history there. It was a dream!

Later we went back to their home on the farm for some cozy hot chocolate pictures on the porch. Having a variety of spots for their session was just what we love to work with. It creates a whole new vibe for their shoot, while still maintaining the overall feel of the day. It was a perfect time to take a break from being in the winter snow. These two were such troopers and handled the cold so well, but you could tell they were relieved when it was time to warm up!
After some hot chocolate Sarah and Mitchell had an epic snowball fight, such a great way to end the day. We absolutely loved working with Sarah and Mitchell. The snowball fight was a great way to showcase their fun loving personalities. If you’re planning your engagement session and worried about the winter weather – don’t be! Although it was a little chilly, the pictures still turned out great.
Ready to book your own snowy winter Fort Wayne engagement session? Let’s chat!
– Dustin & Corynn
man and woman smiling at one another during winter fort wayne engagement session
man holding woman during outdoor engagement session in Fort Wayne
snowy engagement session in Fort Wayne
black and white portrait of snowy outdoor engagement session in Fort Wayne
man and woman exploring outdoor family farm during engagements
man and woman sitting on wooden fence
newly engaged fort wayne couple in snow
man lifting woman and kissing during sunset at snowy winter fort wayne engagement
newly engaged couple smiling and laughing during winter fort wayne engagements
man wearing jean jacket and woman wearing striped sweater during winter fort wayne engagement
man holding woman on back during winter engagements
engaged couple leaning against barn
couple sitting on porch drinking hot cocoa
newly engaged couple kissing on porch drinking hot chocolate
couple ending session with snow ball fight
Downtown Cincinnati Sunset Engagement // Sara + Brandon

Downtown Cincinnati Sunset Engagement // Sara + Brandon

As Fort Wayne wedding photographers, we get to work with some of the coolest couples from their engagements to their big day. Sara and Brandon’s downtown Cincinnati sunset engagement session was nothing short of incredible. We love being able to bring our couple’s love stories to life, and we did just that in downtown. These two are just an amazing couple, and if all couples could be like them, we would be happy photographers!

First we explored Alms Park, for some elegant and classic outdoor engagement photos. Sara and Brandon dressed up for their Cincinnati sunset engagement session and it was the perfect touch to bring together the whole session. Throughout their outdoor session we used architecture found all over the park which made for some show stopping moments. Just as we were about to leave for downtown, the sun began to set. Later, Sara and Brandon held one another and enjoyed the sunset while we captured some pretty epic moments.

After their Cincinnati sunset engagement photos, Sara and Brandon changed into a more casual outfit for the downtown portion of their session. Later, Sara and Brandon showed us around town, as we took in the sights. As we explored downtown, the skyline was breathtaking, and a great way to showcase their love of Cincinnati. Nevertheless Sara and Brandon’s session was filled with laughter and appreciation for the beautiful city of Cincinnati. Later this year, these two are getting married in the summer in Fort Wayne and we can’t wait for their big day!

-Dustin & Corynn

newly engaged couple posing during cincinnati sunset engagement sessioncouple walking through alms park during Cincinnati sunset engagement session couple spinning in park during outdoor engagement sessionwoman wearing silk dress during outdoor engagement sessionwoman hugging man's back during engagement session
newly engaged couple kissing during Cincinnati sunset engagements
woman wearing blue sweater sitting on man's lap during outdoor engagement session
engaged couple hugging during Cincinnati engagement portraits
young couple smiling during outdoor engagement portraits
engaged couple smiling during Cincinnati sunset engagement session
couple kissing on stairs during outdoor engagement session portraits
man lifting woman during sunset portraits
engaged couple posing with Cincinnati skyline behind them
couple walking through downtown
man and woman holding hands at alms park
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