Denver Engagement Photography

Meet Marcella & Tom! These two cuties flew us all the way to Denver Colorado for this epic engagement session.  Marcella and Tom are both Fort Wayne, Indiana natives and are in fact getting married in downtown Fort Wayne this Fall, so don’t worry you will see more of them on our blog real soon.  Why did they leave the great state of Indiana you might ask? They are out in Colorado because Tom is getting his Ph.D.! Did I forget to mention these two are geniuses? These two invited us into their home and treated us like friends.  I know these photos will cause you to be distracted from what you’re doing so we tried really hard to wait till the weekend because we were thinking about you. We also worked really hard to narrow the photos of these two models down to just a handful so you would only be under the spell that is Marce & Tom’s love for only so long.  But…if you want to see them all, the link is below.  Mic Drop…Exit stage left.



-Corynn & Dustin