Meet one of our lovely couples, Kristin and Kevin! These two met in their residency for med school while on a psych rotation – Neither of them were patients! We got to spend 2 whole days with them. It was so awesome! This post focuses on the first day of celebration – the Sangeet!

A Sangeet is an Indian tradition and celebration. It celebrates the coming together of two families in the union of their children. During a Sangeet celebration, a stage or platform is set up and the bride and groom sit at the front of it. From there, guests and family perform dances together in honor of the couple! This beautiful and colorful ceremony provides some relief and fun for the stress that typically surrounds a wedding. And let us assure you, it was SO fun! Kristen and her bridesmaids wore traditional saris for the Sangeet too! It was a colorful night full of laughter, singing, dancing, and a whole lot of love. Their families even created a music video and surprised them with it at the party!

Needless to say, we had some serious fun at this wedding! We knew day 2 was going to be just as awesome! We will be posting a second blog for day 2 of their wedding soon, so stayed tuned! We can assure you, you will want to see every single one of their photos – You can seriously feel their love through every picture. Until then….

-Dustin & Corynn