Meet Lily and Jace! We had a blast with this Lake Freeman engagement session. Lily and Jace met through Jace’s sister, Gwen. Lily and Gwen have been friends for many years through cheerleading and school – They are longtime childhood best friends. (She’s the maid of honor, if you didn’t see that coming.) Jace was always in the picture as the ‘best friend’s brother’, but it wasn’t until the summer of 2016 where these two hit it off and thought “why didn’t we try this sooner?”. The majority of their relationship has been long distance, but now they go to school together – sort of. Lily studies photography at Bethel College and Jace goes to Notre Dame where he is studying Mechanical Engineering! Just a quick drive to and from, no distance required!

These two got engaged at Foster Park in Fort Wayne this last December. Jace had it set up to where both his family and Lily’s family were there to watch the whole thing go down, all to Lily’s surprise… We’re talking roses with notes, snowy stone pathways, heart shaped arches, Christmas lights, music… the whole deal. Needless to say, Lily said yes! Now we are their (awesomely cool) photographers! 

We drove all the way to Monticello Indiana for these guys’ engagement photos. We started at Jace’s family’s lake home down on the docks over the lake. We were loving the lighting! We then traveled to the local park and took some photos down in the water – it was awesome. Our favorite place we shot at by far was Indiana Beach, a Monticello gem! There were waterslides, a colorful sky lift, roller coasters, a huge bridge leading to the island, neon lights, and 80’s decor everywhere you looked. This place is special to Lily and Jace, as some of their happiest first memories together as a couple were here. We had a blast taking pictures of our intern and her fiancé. Excited for their Baker Street Station wedding in downtown Fort Wayne this Winter!

-Dustin & Corynn