As you may very well know, we are wedding photographers! We shoot weddings almost exclusively, but we also make time for very special family sessions. That’s right folks, we take family portraits too – even with the wedding season being busy as ever! When we get to work with families as awesome as the Roberts, how can we say no? This family was so fun to work with! Dad, mom, three boys, and lots of laughs… and some wrestling at the end (see in the last photo below)!

We learned 2 really funny things during our family session with the Roberts family!

  1. Mr. Roberts used to be a teacher at Memorial Park Middle School (He now teaches at New Tech Academy in Fort Wayne). This may seem like a random fact, but it’s not! Upon arriving at the photoshoot, we learned that he had Corynn as a student way back when. He remembered her ballerina dancing and everything! Small world!
  2. This family is cousins with a family who is building a house right next door to ours! This means getting all the dirt on our new neighbors… Just kidding! Kind of.

This session was too fun not to share. It is such a small world sometimes when you realize how connected people really are – How cool! We love Fort Wayne, but we love families in Fort Wayne even more!

-Dustin & Corynn