Meet Sophia & Brenden! We met Brenden a long time ago at one his his relatives’ weddings – We were photographing it of course. Anyways, what an awesome session! Read on to learn more some sweet Leo engagement and learn more about Sophia & Brenden!

Sophia and Brenden met while attending Leo High School. We thought it was a great idea to do their session at the one and only Metea Park, since it’s so close to Leo which holds a special place in their hearts! They met up with us at the beautiful Metea Park right at the peak of fall here in Fort Wayne. It was cold, but you’d never know by looking at them! The park was absolutely beautiful at this time, but Sophia & Brenden were the ones who made it all magical (proof in the photos below).

Near the end of our sessions at Metea Park, we always take our couples to the beach and pond area. It was cold. Very cold. One of us had jokingly said, “Want to get in the pond?”, to which Sophia responded “I was hoping you’d ask”. She wanted that specific shot, so of course, we had to deliver! Despite the cold temperatures and even colder water, these two ran in to the pond for some photos. One of the last photos is them running out of the water – and yes, they were very happy to get out.

When these two got engaged, they initially picked a later date! They were just too excited to get married though, so they moved their wedding date up to August! It is a beautiful time to get married and we cannot wait to capture all the sweet details of their big day. This Leo engagement session was everything we hoped it would be and more. Happy planning!

– Dustin & Corynn

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