Meet Trish and Chase! We went to Chase’s family farm for their engagement photos. Even though it was so cold, these two kept it cozy. The old family barn was the perfect backdrop for our session together as the farm means so much to Chase’s family. It’s where they hunt and hangout together – a special place for sure! We took photos in front of the barn, in the woods, on a wood stack, inside the barn, and in the fields on the property. It was kind of scary climbing around in the old barn – It was super rickety so we had to be extra careful. The pictures were totally worth it though!  

These two chose quite a day for their engagement photos. At the time of our session, it was super cold still – really, really cold. Trish wore a dress during the photos… and she didn’t even complain once! It was so cold that we left our cars on with the heat blasting so we could have a warm place to be after standing in the cold for so long. We were bundled up so much – we can’t imagine what Trish felt like in her dress!

Trish and Chase are getting married this summer at Ceruti’s, a large Fort Wayne venue. We are so looking forward to your wedding guys! See you soon.

Check out all of Trish and Chase’s photos here (CLICK ME)!

-Dustin & Corynn