What To Expect Of Getting Ready Photos

What To Expect Of Getting Ready Photos

As a Fort Wayne wedding photographer we have noticed that getting ready photos have gained popularity over the years. And rightfully so! Capturing the essence of the wedding day in photos is a really great way to create lasting memories. You can have photos of just the reception and ceremony, but you can really think back to how you felt as you look through the photos of eagerness and excitement of getting ready. 

bride in a unique wedding dress with her groom who is wearing a green velvet suit kissing in a greenhouse for their Fort Wayne wedding

Detail Shots

Detail shots are something we typically do on the side as you’re getting ready. These would include photos of the shoes, the dress, and the ring. They are all the things that are instrumental to you getting ready, but before you actually put them on. It captures everything in pristine condition and staged in an elegant photo. These photos will help you to remember the anticipation and how it felt before you got ready. 

The best way to showcase the aesthetic of your wedding day is through detail shots. You can show off your color palette and your carefully chosen items that have sentiment to you. These items can be hard to spot while taking bridals, family portraits, or reception photos. But, you spent a lot of time and effort figuring out what to have at your wedding, so let’s get that on camera!  

bride and groom durign their first look with groom holding the brides hands and looking at her dress

Bride’s Getting Ready Photos

So many meaningful moments happen in that bridal suite. From your mom zipping up your wedding dress, to your best friends cracking jokes as you get your makeup done. These are memories that you will want to remember for a life time. And by capturing them on camera you will be able to do just that!

Photos With The Bridesmaids

During this time in life, it’s hard to get everyone together. So when you are with your favorite ladies, you deserve to get a great photo of that! You will love to see these photos of a great time with your friends and possibly some really close family members. You’re laughing and chatting it up with all your favorite people making these moments perfect for candid photos. These photos are so much fun and take no effort on your part!

bride getting ready in her bridal suite in Fort Wayne with musical details


One of the most important people on your wedding day is of course the bride! You’ll want some really great photos of you wearing that perfect dress that you spent months trying to find. It’s sometimes a little nerve wracking to get photos of just yourself, but I’ve been around the track more than a few times. I have tips and tricks for you to get the best angles and poses so that you will look timeless and elegant. It’s important to relax and remember how this day makes you feel. 

Groom’s Getting Ready Photos

So much happens when the groom is getting ready! And these are memories you will never want to forget. This includes all those candid photos of the groom with his groomsmen laughing and joking around. In addition, I will get those detail shots of the groom’s shoes, watch, tie and any other little things that are meaningful to him. 

detail shots from the grooms attire

Getting ready photos are so much fun and make such a difference in your wedding album. They help to tell the entire story of your wedding day from start to finish. And I promise you will love looking back on all those little details. Reach out and let’s talk about what details from your wedding day will the most important to capture!

bride and her groom posing for wedding photos at their Fort Wayne wedding day

The Bluffs At Conner Prairie Winter Wedding

The Bluffs At Conner Prairie Winter Wedding

One of my favorite things about being an Indianapolis wedding photographer is getting to shoot at some of the most beautiful wedding venues in the area. And this Bluffs at Conner Prairie winter wedding was no exception! The venue features a gorgeous vaulted ceiling with dark beams and tall windows. Making it the perfect indoor winter wedding venue for any couple, but especially Sarah and Mitchell! Their wedding day will be one I never forget.

groom dipping his bride while kissing her for their Indiana wedding day

Winter Wedding Inspiration

Sarah and Mitchell were married in February, which can be pretty cold in Indiana. But luckily, the weather was incredible for a late winter wedding! Leaning into the winter aesthetic with their decor and invitations, the couple opted for a deep burgundy and light pink color palette. This worked beautifully with their church ceremony and The Bluff at Conner Prairie winter wedding reception.

wedding details flatlay shot with wedding invitations in burgundy and brides shoes and earings

red rose bridal bouquet for a winter wedding in Indianapolis

Because the weather was so perfect for a winter wedding, we were able to go outside to capture Sarah and Mitchell’s bridals. Working with the architecture and landscaping is something I love to do with all of my couples! It is a way to feature your wedding venue and the details that you fell in love with. Making your wedding album even more sentimental with every picture!

bridal portraits at sunset at The Bluffs at Conner Prairie wedding venue with brides veil in the wind as the groom kisses her cheek

The Bluffs At Conner Prairie Winter Wedding Reception

This wedding reception was so lovely. Sarah and Mitchell tied in their color palette into their custom place cards, two tier wedding cake, and every other detail you could imagine! Everything tied in so seamlessly with their venue. This Bluffs at Conner Prairie winter wedding was traditional, classy and so timeless.

two tier wedding cake with white buttercream and floral details

wedding venue set up with pink table clothes and black chairs for an Indianapolis wedding day

reception table name cards with little burgundy roses and light pink florals

One of my favorite parts of the night has to have been Sarah and Mitchell’s first dance as husband and wife. Their tender love and connection with each other really shines through on the dance floor. It’s moments like these that make me even more grateful and honored to be part of my couples wedding days. It really is a privilege to capture moments like these.

groom resting his forehead on his brides head as they hold hands and dance during their wedding reception

first dance with bride and groom at The Bluffs at Conner Prairie

Congratulation Sarah and Mitchell!

-Dustin & Corynn

wedding rings detail shot with silver sparkles in the background

detail shot of wedding dress lace bodice hanging on a custom bridal hanger in a church in Indianapolis wedding

close toes sparkle wedding shoes with a pointed tow for an Indianapolis wedding at The Bluffs at Conner Prairie


winter bride standing with her bridesmaids who are in burgundy gown holding white and red rose wedding bouquets

young groom with brown hair and a scruffy beard smiles and holds his suit coat

bride and groom at their church wedding ceremony holding hands and facing one another as their bishop marries them

bride adn groom kissing at the alter in their church wedding with groom holding his brides waist and the bride holding her grooms face

black and white wedding image of bride and groom walking down the aisle together after they are married in the church

bride and groom standing on a a stone wall holding each other with their foreheads together

bride and groom sitting on outdoor stairs as they cuddle for their intimate wedding photos in Indianapolis

winter wedding outdoor wedding photos with groom holding his bride as he kisses her cheek and she smiles at the camera with her hand on her grooms chest

See more of Sarah And Mitchell with their Winter Engagement Session!

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Fort Wayne Spring Wedding Inspiration

Fort Wayne Spring Wedding Inspiration

You get to see a lot of wedding trends as a Fort Wayne wedding photographer. And micro weddings are starting to be a thing of the past with bigger weddings coming back onto the scene!  Destinations as well as the parties are about to get a major upgrade. Because of this, there’s a lot to cover here. So if you’ve been looking for spring wedding inspiration, I’ve got you covered!

bride and groom dancing outside at their spring Fort Wayne wedding venue

Venues For Fort Wayne Spring Wedding Inspiration

There are so many awesome wedding venues in Fort Wayne! Each with it’s own unique charm and spaces. When looking for your Fort Wayne wedding venue for a Spring wedding consider asking these questions to be sure you will be able to achieve the overall aesthetic of your dream wedding!

  1. What spaces are included in the venue? Do you rent out specific rooms, or is the entire venue yours for the day?
  2. Ask about lighting! Which rooms have the best lighting and at what times. Be mindful or the lighting in addition to the views.
  3. What are the limits for your decor? Is this a blank space for you to create your dream aesthetic, or are there items that will not be moved and must be incorporated in your wedding day?
  4. If you are planning an outdoor Spring wedding, what are the usable outdoor spaces? Is there a back up if the weather is poor?
  5. Does this venue require you book specific vendors, do they provide seating and tables, get a list of everything that is included and restricted.

bride and groom popping their wedding champagne at sunset during their bridals with Fort Wayne wedding photographers

bride and groom toasting their champange with one another in a field at sunset on their Fort Wayne wedding day in the spring

groom holding his bride and kissing her cheek as they stand together in a green grass field in Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne Spring Wedding Florals

Consider opting for more greenery in your wedding decor and bouquets! This is a trend that was originally caused by a flower shortage, but is very elegant and timeless. Greenery is so beautiful especially in the hands of an experienced florist. Don’t be afraid to ask your wedding florist is able to accomplish with greenery. Look into their portfolio and bring all the Fort Wayne spring wedding inspiration you have for your wedding florals!

spring bride posing in her wedding dress as she dances in the bridal suite of her wedding venue

bride and her mother before the wedding ceremony laughing and smiling together as they chat

Spring Wedding Colors

Neutrals are here to stay, but we are seeing more and more brides opt for a pop of color. It’s so easy to put together a palette using colors that are timeless and neutral. But, it’s also important to have that one color to set you apart. Just as with florals, one color is all it takes! You can strategically place that color amidst all the beige and white, such as in the floral arrangement or in a backdrop!

When it comes to Fort Wayne weddings, reach out! We would love to give advice, tips and recommendations!

bride and groom portraits in Fort Wayne with the couple hugging and smiling as they are outside for their spring wedding

spring wedding posing ideas with bride holding her groom as her veil flows in the wind

bridal portraits with the bride and groom in a garden with tall trees at Fort Wayne wedding venue captured by Fort Wayne wedding photographers

bride and groom kissing as the groom dips the bride backwards and the sun shines over them for their Fort Wayne wedding in the spring


How To Calm Pre-Wedding Nerves

How To Calm Pre-Wedding Nerves

I see this all the time as a Fort Wayne wedding photographer. Before your wedding day you will more than likely feel the stress of everything bubble up into nerves. From wedding planning to creating a new family dynamic. There is a lot of stress that can pile up, and you need to calm pre-wedding nerves so that you can think clearly and go into your wedding confident! Whether it’s you, your significant other, or a friend of you who is going down the rabbit hole, you can be rest assured that you’ll have some tips to help overcome what you’re feeling.

bride adn groom having their first dance in a gorgeous Fort Wayne wedding venue for their wedding reception

When You Have Pre-Wedding Nerves

This is the biggest decision of your life. It’s not something you should take lightly. Also, you’re going through it right now! There is so much to do when planning a wedding. You’re stressed and probably a little done with the whole process. Wedding planning helps you to understand why some people skip the big day to elope. Nevertheless, you can get through this and make this one of the greatest times of your life!

outdoor bridals with bride and groom embracing each other while standing on a brick half wall

So What Do I Do?

Take some time off from wedding planning and give yourself a few days to decompress! Take a bath and binge watch your favorite comedy on Netflix. Take some time to focus on self care and stay away from all wedding planning thoughts! Doing things that interest you in your free time instead of worrying about your wedding budget, seating charts, and so much more. This can really help. Get back to the things that make you, you! 

Think about the reason you said yes (or proposed) in the first place. Why do you love your significant other? Think about your fondest memories. Go through all of the past photos of you two. Reminisce and think of all the ways you have grown together! When we take a look at the happy moments, we can remember why we are going through all the craziness leading up to your wedding!

bride and groom holding each other in a greenhouse for their Fort Wayne wedding

Talk with someone about how you’re feeling. It helps to talk to someone, but especially someone who has been through what you’re going through. Try to talk to someone you look up to who has a healthy and stable marriage. They might have some insights on how they cope with stressful moments.

If you’re having pre-wedding nerves because your relationship doesn’t seem as magical as it once was, try to reconnect. Take some time together and do something special. You can try spicing up your dates, there are a lot of ideas online! If you’re fighting more, it might be the wedding planning stress. Try to be understanding and have healthy communication on the situation.

bride and her mother outside of their Fort Wayne wedding venue with mother zipping up her daughters wedding dress

When Your Significant Other Is Going Through It

Pre-wedding nerves are normal! This does not mean you’re going to be left at the altar. It’s a big decision to make and sometimes once the initial shock wears off, you’re given time to sit in your thoughts. When they realize the gravity of it all, it makes it a little scary. And it’s okay! Be there for them and work on this together. 

It’s so important to not get too stressed or scared when they bring up these feelings. It takes a lot of courage to be so open about fears and anxieties when it comes to marriage. Acknowledge their efforts and validate their feelings. Most importantly, give them the floor and just listen. Validate their feelings first, and then you can tell them where you are coming from. 

bride adn groom posing outside of a stone wedding venue in Fort Wayne as they hold hands and kiss

When Your Friend Comes To You About Their Pre-Wedding Nerves

The most important thing to do when a friend comes to you in confidence about their pre-wedding nerves is to just listen. There is no need to say anything at first.  A lot of the time they just need to vent and get their feelings out! As long as they’re not 100% spiraling, you’re good to just sit back and nod. 

If the friend asks you what you think, the first thing you should do is validate the feelings. Go back to their points and just say “I’m so sorry you’re feeling this way” or “That is so difficult.” Don’t offer any advice, just make sure your friend knows that they’re heard!

If they do start to spiral a little bit and they’re about to call off this wedding, keep them grounded! Talk about the things that they’ve shared with you in the past about their partner. Make sure that your friend isn’t only focused on the bad or stressful aspects, but that they’re thinking about the reason they wanted to get married in the first place. 

bridal party photo withthe bride and groom kissing outside of their Fort Wayne wedding venue and the bridesmaids and groomsmen cheering

These tips will help you to begin to navigate through your pre-wedding nerves. Remember to focus on the good and be open with those feelings. And when you get back to wedding planning after you’ve taken time to cope, let me know. I’d love to help make getting those photos stress-free for you.

bride and groom sitting on a couch together for their Fort Wayne wedding day as the bride leans into the groom and they both smile take by Fort Wayne wedding photographers

Top 5 Reasons To Have A Spring Wedding In Fort Wayne

Top 5 Reasons To Have A Spring Wedding In Fort Wayne

As a Fort Wayne wedding photographer I adore spring weddings! It is such a magical time to be married with the blooming flowers and soft light. A spring wedding in Fort Wayne will be dreamy, and the perfect backdrop no matter your wedding style. If you still need to be talked into a spring wedding, here are the top 5 reasons to be married in the spring in Fort Wayne!

bride and groom wedding photos with bride in a lace floral gown walking through a garden together

Picture Perfect Golden Hour

You don’t want your wedding to go too late, but you also don’t want harsh lighting in your photos. The best time to take your wedding photos is at golden hour. This is when the light has a warm glow and doesn’t create such harsh shadows. In the spring, golden hour is a bit earlier, which is usually the perfect time for some bridals and family shots before your wedding reception. This is great to get those stunning wedding photos before tearing up the dance floor!

bride and groom posing together next to a lake in Fort Wayne for the Spring wedding witht eh sun setting behind them for golden hour wedding photos

Spring Wedding Weather

For a spring wedding in Fort Wayne, consider the late spring for an outdoor wedding. April and May are wonderful months to have an outdoor wedding ceremony, with the high temperature being between the low 60s and low 70s. Then when the sun sets and the temperature drops you can have an indoor wedding reception.

Historically, Fort Wayne reaches it’s peak rainfall in late May or early June. So, if you are wanting to have an outdoor wedding in the Spring consider this. You should have a backup plan in case storm clouds roll into your wedding wedding. Possibly an indoor space or tents. You can also plan your wedding under a pergola or a terrace. This way you can enjoy the cool weather and beautiful spring scenery while avoiding any possible rain.

Spring wedding with bride and groom holding hands under a blooming blossom tree

bride and groom under a clear umbrella on their wedding day as they run inside of their Fort Wayne wedding venue

spring wedding photography with the best Fort Wayne wedding photographers

Spring Wedding In Fort Wayne Florals

Speaking of scenery, there is so much growth during the spring time and that means flowers! It might be easier for you at this time to find your perfect bouquet because there are so many flowers in bloom. Vendors are more likely to have the Spring florals that you are looking for! In addition, a spring wedding in Fort Wayne will give you a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding with pretty blooming flowers. Level up your wedding by tying in those natural spring color to your wedding color palette!

wedding detail shots of wedding rings and invitations with pretty purple color palette.

indoor bridals of a spring wedding in Fort Wayne with bride posing in front of windows

brides spring wedding dress detail photos with wedding dress on a white wooden hanger in a window

Spring Wedding Colors

The colors in the spring are simply heavenly! Traditional spring colors like eggshell blue, and pastel pinks create a timeless wedding color palette. Or you can lean into the more bold spring colors and opt for yellows and greens for your spring wedding in Fort Wayne. Nature will be working for you as you incorporate the natural colors that you will have surrounding your wedding venue!

Spring wedding in Fort Wayne florals

bride and her parents posing on her wedding with her parents

Off-peak Wedding Season

This is probably the best reason out of them all! A lot of vendors charge more during the peak season, which is late summer. In the spring when vendors are not so busy you’re able to lock in some good deals, especially if you live in a colder climate like Fort Wayne. Also, consider their availability. More vendors are available during the off-peak season. So you have more choices when it comes to the best vendors. 

bridal photos with bride in a lace long sleeve gown dancing with her groom

“New Growth”

Another reason to have a spring wedding in Fort Wayne is all that spring represents. It’s a time for new birth and growth. Your wedding is the coming together of two wonderful people who love each other. It’s the “birth” of your life together and commitment to one another. As well, your marriage signifies the growth of both parties. You’re leaving behind your old life and sacrificing it for a new life with your partner. 

Now let’s get you those stunning spring wedding photos! Let me know when you’re planning your date for. 

golden hour wedding photos of bride and groom holding each other and kissing

bride and groom kissing next to a lake after golden hour for their Spring Fort Wayne wedding

outdoor wedding photos by Fort Wayne wedding photographers with bride and groom in an open field at sunset

Auburn Auto Mobile Museum Wedding // Megan + Baron

Auburn Auto Mobile Museum Wedding // Megan + Baron

As Indiana wedding photographers, we get to explore all kinds of incredible venues, this being no different. Megan and Baron’s Auto Mobile Museum wedding provided all the retro and classy vibes. Throughout the event, were elements of outdoor beauty and colorful decor that showcased Megan and Baron’s fun-loving personalities. Megan and Baron’s classic Auburn wedding was a day filled with love and family. Keep scrolling to see more!

First, Megan took time to get ready with her bridesmaids. Having your people with you while getting ready is a great way to remain calm before the crazy begins! Megan and Baron shared a fun first look at the Auto Mobile Museum before heading over to the church to get married. First looks are always a highlight on a wedding day, and this one was just that.

Megan later shared an emotional first look with her father at the First Union Methodist Church. This church would be the setting for her and Baron’s next steps together. Megan gave her father a childhood picture of the two of them together to place under his tie. Incorporating memories and family history into wedding days are one of our favorites to see. Not only does it bring your childhood and your future together, but it showcases the appreciation you have for your past.

Auto Mobile Museum Wedding Reception

After the couple said, “I do”, at their intimate church ceremony, we went to the Auto Mobile Museum for their reception! We took bridals at the museum in Auburn around all the classic cars. Throughout our time at the museum we were able to walk around and explore the incredible cars found there. Nevertheless, Megan and Baron were so full of joy and happiness. After bridal portraits, it was time to head to their Auto Mobile Museum wedding reception to party with guests!

Their reception was filed with elements of purple and blue, bringing to life their love and showcasing their story. Although their reception was indoors, the string lights brought an outdoor reception feel, indoors. It was an absolutely incredible way to bring their winter reception to a warm summer night. Megan and Baron’s wedding cake was tiered with shades of purple and blue and a gold topper. Later, the couple enjoyed toasts and speeches given by close family to celebrate.

Megan and Baron shared an emotional first dance as husband and wife under the string lights – that gave the illusion of a starry night. After their first dance, Megan and Baron danced with their father and mother respectively. Their Auto Mobile Museum wedding reception was filled with emotion, love, memories made, and more. It was incredible to be apart of, and we hope all of our couples can tell their love story as well as these two did!

Congratulations Megan and Baron!

-Dustin & Corynn

purple wedding details at auto mobile museum wedding in auburnengagement ring with purple and blue floral bouquet detailsengagement ring and wedding band detail shots at auto mobile museum weddingbride getting ready on wedding daygroom getting ready on auto mobile museum wedding daymother of groom helping him get ready on wedding daybride getting dressed up on wedding daybride putting earrings on bridesmaids laughing and celebrating before auto mobile museum weddingbride walking up to groom first look on wedding daybride walking up to groom during first look at auto mobile museum weddingbride and groom kissing after first lookbride and bridesmaids laughing togethergroom and groomsmen at auto mobile museum weddingbridal party posing on steps at auto mobile museum weddingbride and groom posing at steps at auto mobile museum weddingbride and groom kissing at auburn downstairsfirst look with father on wedding daybride showing father special picture for tiebride giving groom special photo to put on his wedding tiebride walking down aisle with father bride and groom kissing as husband and wife at auto mobile museum weddingbride and groom kissing as husband and wifebride and groom walking out together as husband and wifebride and groom walking out as husband and wifecolorful purple tiered wedding cake with gold wedding topperbridal couple celebrating on old carbride and groom talking portraits at classic car museumbride and groom portraits outdoorsbridal portraits in downtown Auburn, Indianagroom hugging bride during outdoor portaitsbride and groom walking downtown togetherdowntown Auburn Indiana wedding portratsblue and purple wedding center piecesnewly married couple walking into reception at auto mobile museum weddingbride and groom sitting at sweethearts tablebride and groom cutting cake together as husband and wifelittle boy laying on floor during wedding receptioncouple dancing during first dance as husband and wifebride dancing with father groom dancing with mother on wedding daywedding guests celebrating with couplebride and groom posing with Dustin and Corynn Fort Wayne wedding photography

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