I was blessed with the opportunity to photograph the ribbon cutting of the new beautiful gem that  is the Ash Brokerage Tower for Fort Wayne Monthly Magazine last month.  I also got to meet both Tim Ash and Mayor Tom Henry! Check our sweet pics of the new building in Fort Wayne drool a little and then submit your applications, because let’s be honest we all want to work in a space that is so gorgeous.




Ash Brokerage 2016-08-05_0002 2016-08-05_0003 2016-08-05_0004 2016-08-05_0005 2016-08-05_0006 2016-08-05_0007 2016-08-05_0008 2016-08-05_0009 2016-08-05_0010 2016-08-05_0011 2016-08-05_0012 2016-08-05_0013 2016-08-05_0014 2016-08-05_0015 2016-08-05_0016 2016-08-05_0017 2016-08-05_0018 2016-08-05_0019 2016-08-05_0020