It was a few weeks before the holidays when we got the call from the lovely ladies over at the Forum Salon. Sarah, Andrea, and Adrian wanted to create a “look book” to use to promote the upcoming wedding year, and when we heard that,  we were like sign us up! We worked with these ladies to craft an amazing shoot, but they did most of the work I’m not going to lie.  They handpicked gorgeous models for us to capture, and got Rose’s Bouquets, one of Fort Wayne’s premier wedding florists to work on the shoot with us.  The girls also made the arrangements with Autumn at One Fine Day so that we could have some of the most beautiful dresses in all the land. We were able to hire Summit City Rental to provide the tables, chairs, and linens. Oh also at the last minute we were able to grab the most beautiful cake from our favorite baker, Sassy Cakes, who has the cutest bakery downtown Fort Wayne, you should defiantly check her out! The downtown Fort Wayne venue we chose lent itself to the warehouse vibe we were going for with the Fort Wayne wedding photography pics. We had so much fun helping Sarah, Andrea, and Adrian pull this shoot together and we can’t wait to do it again.