Grace and Aaron are married! It seems like just yesterday when we were at Valparaiso University shooting their engagement session. Check out our other blog post to read all about the fun time we had with them at Valparaiso (CLICK ME)!

We’d like to start this by saying a what a pleasure it has been to work with Aaron and Grace. Everything about the day was sweet, nice, quirky, and special to them. Both of their families were so genuine and welcoming. Needless to say, we had a blast shooting their big day and couldn’t be more happy with how their photos came out. Here are all the sweet highlights of their wedding day with pictures and more!

The whole day started off awesome. We arrived at the church and all of sudden, Grace pulls up with her dad in his bright red corvette! Talk about an epic arrival. While grace entered the church at a different door (couldn’t spoil that first look down the aisle), Aaron greeted his family members before the ceremony. Boutineers and corsages were also passed out at this time. Grace twirled and smiled on her way into the church. First, this made for some adorable photos and secondly, showed us how fun loving and awesome this day was going to be. Grace’s bridesmaids wore beautiful sage green dresses – They finished their wedding day look with low, curly buns and smokey eye makeup. At the church, Grace added the veil and some accessories to her beautiful ensemble. All flowers for the day were provided by Rose’s Bouquets, a Fort Wayne wedding-only florist (and they did a stunning job on Grace and Aaron’s flowers). Aaron laughed and hung out with his groomsmen and family before the day’s events began – Nothing but excitement from both Grace and Aaron. Oh! We can’t leave out the fact that there were several “dabs” throughout the day – one of the many fun sides we saw while working with these these two.

The ceremony was held at St. Michael Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne. After bow ties were straightened, bouquets distributed, and dresses fluffed, it was ceremony time! One by one, Grace’s bridesmaids walked down the aisle and Aaron and his groomsmen got in position. Then Grace and her father made their walk towards the altar. The ceremony sweet simply because of the amount of love Grace and Aaron exuded. This ceremony in particular had an interesting metaphor of ships and captains that kept us hooked in a listening the whole time – We had never heard a ceremony quite like this in our 11 years as wedding photographers. Unique and fun, just like Grace and Aaron! After the ceremony, we did family portraits.

We were watching the weather all day – It was supposed to rain, but it kept getting pushed back so we were able to go to downtown Fort Wayne and take bridal party photos. We were so thankful for the change of weather! After photos downtown, we all headed to the reception! The reception was at the beautiful Fort Wayne Country Club. These two engineers know how to party! Just as we got inside after taking some pictures at the country club, rain started to pour… talk about good timing. After everyone made it inside to be seated, the bridal party made their fun entrances. There were toasts, a Debrands chocolate giveaway, a rainbow after the storms, cake, dancing, really really good food, laughs, and more laughs. We had such a fun day and evening spent with these two and their families. It was an honor taking photos on your guys’ wedding day – We hope you enjoy them for a lifetime!

-Dustin & Corynn

P.S. Can we be best friends? Cool, thanks.