Gwen and Brandon got married! What seemed like a long time coming, the day finally came. We are thrilled to share details and some of our favorite photos from this sweet, intimate Fort Wayne wedding. Get ready!

We met Gwen through our studio manager, Lily. Lily married Gwen’s brother in December of 2018 – We’ve been dreaming of capturing her wedding ever since! We were so excited when Gwen and Brandon contacted us to capture their wedding day. While plans changed quite a few times because of the virus, their wedding ended up being the most sweet and romantic weddings we’ve been a part of.

We met up with Gwen and her awesome bridal party at her parents villa. They had spent the morning doing their hair, getting coffee and tea, and gathering things for the big day – We photographed Gwen’s beautiful wedding dress here and snapped a few details of her jewelry and their rings. When it was time, we all headed over to her brother’s house, where the wedding ceremony and reception were hosted. Gwen and her bridesmaids headed downstairs to the oh-so-cutely decorated basement to do their makeup, get dressed, and steam the bro-of-honor and dude-of-honor’s clothes!

Before Brandon and his guys got back from playing baseball all morning, Gwen got into her wedding dress! Her mom and bridesmaids helped her with buttons and details. After she was done getting ready, the girls headed downstairs to hide away until the ceremony. Brandon and his guys arrived looking ever so spiffy in their floral ties and matching white shirts. After guests were seated, the ceremony began!

Pair by pair, each groomsmen and bridesmaid walked down the aisle. Brandon showed a large range of emotions from nervous to excited to happy, but he was nothing but happy when he saw Gwen. Gwen made her way outside and down the aisle towards Brandon, smiling from cheek to cheek. The two exchanged vows, exchanged rings, and took part in a foot washing ceremony to symbolize service to the other. After a prayer, Gwen and Brandon sealed the deal with a kiss!

After the ceremony, everyone grabbed a quick drink then it was time for some wedding party photos! We walked over to the Indian Trails park for photos then headed back for dinner, toasts, and dancing. Family and friends sat around several round tables sharing and catching up after many weeks in quarantine. After everyone had dinner, toasts began. First was from the Father of the Bride, then the groom’s sister, and the last was from the Bride’s brother, Jace. His toast especially left most people, including us, in tears! The sun began to set on this sweet evening and the dancing began!

This wedding was one of the sweetest and most intimate weddings we’ve had the pleasure of capturing. We’re not sure if it was because of the beautiful location overlooking the pond, the lack of chaos that usually ensues on a wedding day, or because we knew this family so well before hand, but it was such a special wedding to capture and be a part of. We hope you enjoy viewing our favorite photos from this intimate Fort Wayne wedding.

Gwen and Brandon – We wish you guys the best of luck as you prepare to move to North Carolina and start this new adventure of being married. Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day.

– Dustin & Corynn

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