Meet Lindsey & Andrew! These cuties invited us to spend an evening exploring downtown Indianapolis with them and we were so down with that! We started at the legendary Mass Ave because Lindsey was trying to surprise Andrew with a photo in front of a mural of his favorite author, Kurt Vonnegut, however, Andrew had no idea what he looked like so he was hilariously clueless. But hey it’s the thought that count rights? Also, you will notice that most photos that start with a kiss between these two end with full out laughing, jealous? I think you should be ?

Next, we ventured down to one of our favorite spots, the Indianapolis Canal near the Indiana State Museum and Indianapolis Capital Building. I hope you enjoy these two lovebirds, they started the session with, we don’t want to be all lovey-dovie like most people, well I think by the end they were sold on the method to our madness.


Dustin & Corynn