Mackenzie and Logan are married! You may remember these two from their beautiful downtown Fort Wayne engagement session last year. If not, click here! We’ve even had the pleasure of seeing them a few times throughout this year at other weddings that we’ve photographed! Read along to learn more about Mackenzie and Logan’s Ceruti’s Diamond Room Wedding and see our favorite photos…

We got to spend the day with not one, not two, but six of our amazing Dustin and Corynn couples. It felt like a Dustin & Corynn reunion. It was great seeing so many of our couples all in one space and all so happy! Some of them even have babies! See how many of our couples you can spot in the photos below…

Mackenzie and her bridesmaids got ready at Mackenzie’s parents’ home! Mackenzie is super close with her family, so getting ready somewhere so close to her was super special. After getting dressed, each of Mackenzie’s bridesmaids helped her with all of her jewelry and final details. Of course, Mackenzie had to get a photo with her sweet family dog! Before we knew it, it was time to head over to the church. While the guys got ready, we took photos of Mackenzie with her bridesmaids, her mom, and the adorable flower girls and ring bearer! Then it was time to go inside and wait for the ceremony.

Logan and his groomsmen got ready at the Grabill Missionary Church in Grabill, Indiana. It’s a beautiful church with a great getting ready space for the guys, ping pong table and all! Once Logan was ready, we took some photos of Logan with his groomsmen, then set Logan up for a letter reading with Mackenzie. We found some beautiful pine trees for the letter reading. While Mackenzie and Logan read their letters to each other, there were lots of laughs, nerves, and excitement! Before we knew it, it was time to head inside for the ceremony. Guests found their seats and Logan and the wedding party made their way up front. Mackenzie and her dad walked down the aisle towards Logan, and their eyes never stopped connecting. Mackenzie and Logan exchanged vows, exchanged rings, completed a candle lighting ceremony, and kissed! They were officially husband and wife!

After the ceremony, we photographed Mackenzie, Logan, and their families outside the church. For a November wedding, the weather was amazing! There was no wind, no rain or snow, and it was 70 degrees out. It was a perfect day! When planning a wedding late in the year, you never know what you’re gonna get for weather. For Mackenzie and Logan, it was the perfect day.

We headed to downtown Fort Wayne for wedding party photos. The wedding party took a trolley which was super convenient for traveling all together and made for some awesome photos! Of course, we had to take photos with the great golden doors in downtown Fort Wayne. From there, we took some in front of the beautiful Allen County Courthouse. Mackenzie and Logan are obsessed with Starbucks and coffee, so we made sure to include that on the wedding day because it means so much to them! They ordered some coffee and posed with their sweet Christmas Starbucks cups outside for some photos. It was great! Before heading to the reception, we got some awesome night portraits at Promenade Park and on the Wells Street Bridge!

The reception was at the awesome Ceruti’s Diamond Room. A beautiful, spacious venue set up perfectly for a wedding! There were great toasts and lots of dancing. The food was awesome too! Rather than serving a traditional wedding dinner, they had food stations: one had pasta, another served miniature grilled cheese and tomato soup, another served salad, and another had sliders and assorted sandwiches. The options were endless and awesome!

Capturing Mackenzie and Logan’s Ceruti’s Diamond Room wedding was an honor. This wedding in particular seemed much anticipated! Maybe it’s because we saw them so many times throughout this past year, or maybe it’s because we got to see so many our our past, present, and future couples! Whatever the reason, we are so thankful Mackenzie and Logan chose us to capture their wedding day. It was seriously awesome. We wish you two the best of luck with your marriage!

– Dustin & Corynn

Thanks for reading!! If you’d like to see more of our awesome couples, click me (CLICK HERE)!