Meet Carlissa & Steven! When these two gave us the opportunity to travel to their home turf  of St Louis we were so flipping excited! A chance to photograph under the arch! We couldn’t pass it up. However we were a bit nervous the days leading up to the shoot because of the weather channel making it seem like St Louis was now the new Atlantis and that we may need a boat.

All though the flooding was bad, it couldn’t stop us.  We started with how Carlissa and Steven met, Softball.  We made them cuddle in the dugout for the first time and these two have a laugh that is contagious, I wish we had audio. Next we went down to the Arch where we got some fun shots along the flood waters.  We finished strong with the epic St Louis Arch photo!

I am not going to lie we really enjoyed St Louis, the amazing FREE zooPharaoh’s Donuts, and of course the freaking awesome arch!

Next time you see these two on the blog it will be after their New York Wedding this fall, whoop whoop!


-Dustin & Corynn