The first moment you have with your sweetheart on your wedding day deserves to be one of a kind. And creating a unique moment that fits your relationship may not be a first look while you stand on the other side of the aisle from each other. As Fort Wayne wedding photographers we have seen how for every couple a first look is a little different. These are our favorite wedding first look alternatives to inspire you to make your wedding day one of a kind!

Fort Wayne wedding photographers capture bride walking up to her groom from behind him for their first look

Classic First Look

Traditionally you see your partner for the first time at your wedding ceremony standing on opposite ends of the aisle. And although this moment is very sweet and emotional, it may not be a moment you want to share with all of your wedding guests. With this mentality, a classic first look was born! Have the same sweetness, but with just the two of you. Making the moment more sentimental for both of you.

bride tapping her grooms shoulder for their outdoor first look

groom holding his brides hands and taking a step back as he admires her for the first time on their wedding day

first look with bride and groom hugging once they see each other

First Touch

Want to save the magic of a first look for your wedding ceremony? Opt for a first touch. This is one of the wedding first look alternatives where you don’t see each other, but still get to be with one another. It can be a moment of peace to settle any nerves and simply reconnect before your wedding ceremony. We have had couples have first touches as they both stand on opposite sides of a wall or even a curtain.

bride and groom holding hands and walking around their outdoor wedding venue in Fort Wayne

bride and groom in a garden outside of their Fort Wayne wedding standing close together for their wedding portraits

First Read

This is an alternative that can be done together accompanied with a first look, or one your own. A first read is another way to connect, but in addition to connecting you have a physical sentiment of a letter, private vows or any other item you will read from each other. First reads can be thought out before hand leading up to your wedding. Or they can be letters written the night before or the morning of.

bride holding her wedding bouquet and looking over her shoulder as she touches her veil

bride standing chest to chest with her groom while smiling at the camera as her groom leans down and kisses her on the head at their Fort Wayne wedding

First Prayer

For a more sacred moment, have a first prayer together. This can help you calm any nerves, bring you together as a couple and prepare you for your commitment of marriage. A first prayer is especially meaningful for couples who lean into their religious views and share their faith with one another.

Fort Wayne wedding photographer captures bride and groom in front of stain glass at a church kissing

bride and groom kissing outside of their wedding venue

bride in a lace wedding dress standing in front of the stain glass for her church for her Fort Wayne wedding

These wedding first look alternatives may just be what brings you together before your wedding ceremony. With so many options, you can mix and match the ideas that best fit your personality as a couple. Looking for more wedding tips? Check out our other wedding planning blogs!

bride and groom kissing as he dips his bride back in a courtyard