Flatlay photos are possibly the best way to capture the essence of you wedding day! These photos are a canvas of wedding details that may otherwise go overlooked, but need to be remembered. However, you can’t just bring anything for your wedding flatlay photos. As Fort Wayne wedding photographers we are sharing the top 10 items you need to bring for your flatlays to create the best photos!

1. Rings

Capturing your wedding rings together is documenting the greatest symbol of your love. These will be photos that you will look back on fondly as your rings age, or (although I hate to say it) they get lost. You can even use them as a reference if you ever choose to recreate your wedding ring!

bride and groom wedding rings sitting on top of each other for a cool detailed shot

2. Shoes

Before you lace us your heels, or slip on your loafers, let’s snag a shot of your wedding shoes! A lot of the time we add your shoes to your wedding flatlay photos in addition to other details you provide. However, if you really want to highlight your wedding shoes we can always get a solo shot.

3. Bride’s Jewelry

Your wedding jewelry may be a sentimental gift, or something that was selected specifically for your wedding look. Either way, we want to snag those pieces before you put them! Capturing these pieces can also be done as you wear them in addition to wedding flatlay photos.

4. Groom’s Accessories

A lot of grooms don’t even think to have pictures taken of their accessories. But, your tie, watch, cufflinks, or any other piece deserves to be captured. Your memories of these little details will fade with time, and your wedding photography can make it so that you never forget!

5. Veil

We love a good veil flowing through the wind! And whats even better is using your veil in your wedding flatlay photos. We will highlight the dazzling details of your wedding veil as we use it to outline the flaylay, or even as the center of the photo. This way you can enjoy the details of your wedding veil just as much as it flowing behind you.

6. Perfume/Cologne

Did you know that your smell and memory are closely linked, making specific smells trigger specific memories? Adding your perfume or cologne to your photos is a great way to document even the smallest of details from getting ready. And you will be able to remember your wedding scent to bring back those memories any time you want!

7. Florals

Ask your florist if you can have a few clipping from your wedding arrangements. These look beautiful when spread throughout other wedding details. We can also use your bridal bouquet or even a centerpiece to add a fresh element to your wedding flatlay photos.

blue wedding invitations laid out with other wedding details on a white background for wedding flatlay photos

8. Family Heirlooms

If you are fortunate enough to have a family heirloom that you are holding onto during your wedding, then let us add it to the flatlay wedding photos! Family heirlooms are sentimental, unique and always have a story to be told with them. By adding them to your flatlays, you are including your history in your wedding.

9. Wedding Invitation

One of the most common items in wedding flatlay photos are invitations, and for good reason! Your wedding invitations and envelopes typically include your wedding colors and details of your wedding day. This is the perfect item to include while capturing the essence of your wedding day in one shot.

10. Sentimental Items

Any other sentimental items deserve to be documented. Whether that is your vow books, good luck charm, hand written letters, or inside jokes. These sentimental items are part of your love story. Capturing them in your wedding flatlay photos brings these photos past the day of your wedding, and really reflect your entire relationship.

Which of these items will you be including in your wedding flatlays?

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