I’ve been a Fort Wayne wedding photographer for the quite some time, so I’ve been to hundreds of weddings and I know what it’s like when the phones come out. Things can get a little crazy for your photographer as we’re trying to capture your big moments, while avoiding everyone’s iPhones. Although family members always have the best intentions, sometimes technology gets in the way of your special day. So let’s talk about how it might look at your possibly unplugged wedding

bride and groom holding hands and leaving their wedding ceremony in Fort Wayne

Wedding Photography Isn’t Cheap!

You’ve spent time, energy, and money looking for just the right person and style to fit your wedding photography needs. There’s nothing worse than having your aunt post her cell-phone quality pictures online or getting in the way of your photographer getting that perfect shot. Your guests may want to celebrate you both and your big day by posting the photos that they take, but that ruins the grand reveal of your photos later! Your guests are not taking photos when they’re unplugged from technology, which allows for even better, in the moment reactions. We want everyone to be present and enjoy your dream day, not trying to record the ceremony, or posting on Facebook.

bride walking down the aisle for her outdoor wedding in Fort Wayne during her unplugged wedding

No One is Stealing Your Thunder

You deserve to share certain life moments first, including your dream Fort Wayne wedding day. The congratulations can come after, but this moment only happens once, and it should be yours to share! Therefore, you should make the first posts about becoming a spouse, and marrying your person. You know it’s better if you make the announcement of your commitment to one another the way you want it to be made. At the same time, your guests can just enjoy watching the happiness in your eyes.

unplugged wedding ceremony with bride and groom kissing after they say their vows at their outdoor wedding venue in Fort Wayne

Be Present at Your Unplugged Wedding

There’s nothing like being focused in the present. It’s easier to remember these beautiful moments looking through your own eyes, unplugged from the world, than through a screen. Those who you want there and want to be there are! So let everyone focus their attention on one of the two people that matter the most on that day, YOU!

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