Our intern Lily and her fiancé Jace are getting married in less than two weeks! We had a blast at their engagement session. You may recall our last session with Lily and Jace this past summer at the awesome Indiana Beach Amusement Park. If you didn’t get a chance to check that one out, you can click here (CLICK ME) to view all of those photos and read about our time with them there! These two Fort Wayne natives wanted some photos, well, in Fort Wayne! Our last session with them was another special location to the couple – They thought it’d be pretty fun to do photos in Fort Wayne!

We had the pleasure of shooting in the beautiful GE Campus in Fort Wayne. This campus is Fort Wayne’s, rather Indiana’s, largest renovation project in the history of the state! The old factory held a historic edge while also providing a modern/industrial backdrop for photos. I think we were just as excited about shooting in this space as Lily and Jace were! Well, as excited as Lily.. Jace? Not so much. But he knew how excited Lily was for these photos, so he put on a smile and bared the cold!

Don’t let their smiles fool you… it was FREEZING outside. These two didn’t put coats on for the whole session! Let’s be real here though, do they even look cold? Needless to say, we are super excited for our intern and her fiancé. We can’t wait to shoot their wedding! These guys will be getting married in just two weekends at their church. The reception will be at the beautiful and historic Baker Street Station in downtown Fort Wayne, a beautiful venue for winter weddings. We are looking forward to capturing Lily and Jace’s big day and see our intern in front of the camera, rather than behind! Check back here in a few weeks to see all of their wedding photos and details! More fun to come!

-Dustin & Corynn