Introducing Sara and Ian! We’ve gotten to know these two pretty well over their past two mini engagement sessions with us. Last winter, we met up with Sara and Ian in Roanoke, walking along the sweet streets of the little downtown. It was so cold that day – one of the coldest days of the year! That is when we decided to make it a mini session and do another session in the summer! Their next session was at Fort Wayne’s own Three Rivers Festival! We have never done a Three Rivers Festival engagement session before, at least not on one of the hottest days of the year, so this was a fun experience to say the least! If the preview photos below aren’t enough for you, the rest of their photos are online here.

During our first session together, it was so cold! Indiana had just been blanketed in snow and temperatures were in the negatives! As you can imagine, we had a short and sweet session because of this. Still, the cold didn’t stop these two from being super sweet together. Winter sessions can be extra fun because photos naturally look more cozy and sweet – Just look at them! Downtown Roanoke provided a perfect setting too. If you’ve never been, you need to treat yourself to a visit here. There are local boutiques, ice cream shops, antique furniture stores, and restaurants all for discovery! We started taking photos by some snow-covered pine trees, then moved to one of the many little garden/patio areas in the little downtown. Of course, we couldn’t go to downtown Roanoke and not take photos in front of the amazing Joseph Decuis restaurant. These two snuggled up on one of the front steps of the restaurant and made our job super easy. Again, just look at them. After a little while, I think everyone was a little (a lot) numb from the cold, so we called it a day!

The weather was just a little bit different during their next session. Okay… a lot different! Ironically, Fort Wayne was under a heat advisory! We joked, “You two had engagement photos done on one of the coldest days of the year, and one of the hottest! Not many people can say that.” Weather extremes and other “problems” may arise, but we always make are couples comfortable with the situation at hand and make their sessions special and memorable. The hot weather may have made troubled others, but not these two! For those of you reading this who are not all familiar with the awesome city of Fort Wayne, every year the city puts on a big festival – There are rides, concerts, and a wonderful selection of fair foods. Capturing Sara and Ian here was a blast! There was just so much to capture and endless possibilities. We started with taking some photos with the setting sun, then when it was a little darker, we went by the rides to catch all the action of the festival. Everything about this session was fun, new, and creative! We loved getting to work with these two again.

Sara and Ian will be getting married this October. It was so fun getting to know these two during their wintery, downtown Roanoke and Three Rivers Festival engagement sessions. Whether in a cute, snow-covered town or a downtown festival in the city during a heat advisory, it’s very clear how much these two love each other! We can’t wait to capture all of this love again (and hopefully with more mild weather)! See you guys soon! Happy planning…

– Dustin & Corynn

Kissing by the Snowy Pines Kissing by the Snowy Pines Couple Keeping Warm in the Cold Couple Walking and Holding Hands Couple by Painted Mural Couple Snuggling in the Cold Romance on the Steps of Joseph Decuis "I've got your Back" Twirling in the SnowThis is where the weather turns! The coldest day of winter to the hottest summer day. They are still happy and smiling!Sweet Sunset Kisses A Kiss on the Cheek at Three Rivers Engagement Looks like Love at Three Rivers Festival Always Smiling, Always Laughing at the Three Rivers Festival Kissing at the Three Rivers Engagement Kissing by the 'Flying Circus' at the Three Rivers Engagement Sweet Moment at the Three Rivers Festival "Make her Smile" at the Three Rivers Festival A Sweet Kiss on the Cheek at the Three Rivers Festival Love at the Three Rivers Festival Two People in Love at the Three Rivers Festival Lights and Love at the Three Rivers Festival Cotton Candy Booth at the Three Rivers Festival Kiss at Cotton Candy Booth in the Three Rivers Festival Three Rivers Festival Fort Wayne

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